Chatalot is a Free PUBLIC Chat Site, powered by CustomChat software.

So… What is Chatalot?
Chatalot was created as a place to RolePlay and a place to test the CustomChat software. The goal for this site is to enable you to start your own community from scratch, or transform your existing community easily, using Chatalot and CustomChat software to get you started.

An eclectic gathering of small groups makes this a place to form long lasting friendships. This is not the place to solicit small talk or where a large amount of people are in and out 24/7 saying “Hey Baby…”

This is a place where StoryTellers weave magic and elves create mischief while Vampires and other creatures of the night roam freely. There are several rooms dedicated to modern day RolePlay and Dark Fantasy Fiction also.

The main purpose for creating and the CustomChat software behind it, is to welcome you into learning something about HTML ( the basic language used to create a Web page ), thereby giving you license to have some control of your own online presence and space.
This is a place to teach also – those that are more skilled take an active role in sharing some tips and even collaborating with those that wish to learn to create images and Web pages.

My true hope is that your curiosity will be peaked by learning, and you will go on to experiment with your new found knowledge and create something that is uniquely YOU.
I wish to remove some of the mystery of the Web and how you become a part of it.

The tools are in place for you – create your own world – at your own pace.
Anyone that has invested time in a StoryLine and RolePlay will eventually want complete control over their environment and atmosphere for a successful game – why not start out in control?

In Chatalot it is possible to – own a room – You can start with a Free room if you have enough players and a StoryLine or game complete with a FAQ page.

To have complete control over all aspects of the chat, you may choose to Rent, as your room becomes more popular. When renting a room, you will have access to EDIT the room and choose to update it as often as you like, add Polls, games, video, music and more – giving your players access to current information and the feeling that your room is ALIVE.

No other site on the internet offers this type of environment or service to you.
and… If this site ever closes, you can take your chat with you!

If your player base continues to grow, you can opt to move your game to your own server or a dedicated CustomChat port – meaning your own Live List, independent of At this point, you may elect to allow players to create their own rooms and so on and so on.

Start the experiment now by creating your own FREE Private Room.