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  For those about to Chatalot
    Here is The Bill of Rights
Also read The ChatAgreement

Disregard these guidelines, and you will risk being censored by your peers.

Chatalot™ shall uphold the right of the people peaceably to assemble. The right of the people to keep a sense of humor and a desire for knowledge, shall not be infringed. The IGNORE feature will be used to protect the fun-loving!


Article I

Chatalot™ visitors will choose a handle that is not racist, sexist or violently disturbing. Words, names, images or symbols which create a handle that is racist, sexist, gay-bashing or malicious, are punishable by banishment. Use common sense.

Language that is racist, sexist, gay-bashing or malicious will cause the IGNORE feature to be enacted upon your character, thereby rendering you powerless.


Article II

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, and at their computer, against unreasonable harassment, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation in a letter to the Chatmaster using the contact link at the top of the page, and particularly describing the time and place of the incident, and the persons or things to be held responsible. All correspondence MUST include the ID number (numbers listed after a handle ie; 7834639) of the offending party.


Article III

a. Posting of racist, sexist or violently disturbing images as your handle is in direct violation of the rules and terms of Chatalot and you will be subject to having your IP blocked. Posting racist, sexist or violently disturbing images in a public forum without the expressed consent of those in the room, is in direct violation of the rights of all Chatalot visitors that wish to enjoy an atmosphere that is friendly and free from hostility. We do suggest that you post images to people via the "Private Message" option. Those that wish to receive images may enact the "See Posted Images" or "See Handle Images" options.

b. We cannot positively guarantee that everyone in a room will be 18 or older, even if the room is labeled "Adults Only 18+". Minors entering an "Adult Only" room are in direct violation of the rules and terms of Chatalot.


Article IV

In the sad event that someone is harassing or hacking you, place that person on IGNOREOften everyone else in the room will place them on IGNORE too, and then they are essentially talking to themselves. This is dull; the scoundrel will probably leave. Don't counterattack: not with abusive language or threats to hack them. Don't drag yourself down to their level.


Article V

Chatalot™ visitors shall at all times respect the wishes of other people in the room to be free of harassment. Many people from different cultures and backgrounds are using this service, there are bound to be people who don't agree with you at times; leave them alone.


Article VI

No person shall be held to answer for an incident of harassment, unless on a presentment or indictment of a credible witness, except in cases arising in the event of a habitual offender causing public danger nor be deprived of registered account, password, or handle, without due process of Chatalaw.


Article VII

When using HTML, be sure to close your tags. It is very irritating to be minding your own business, chatting happily away with your favorite on-line friends, when suddenly your screen fills with hugebright red text and it takes forever to scroll through the new messages. Closing your HTML tags is a matter of common courtesy. 
When posting images, keep them small and infrequent. Some of us don't have much bandwidth to spare, and downloading
 HUGE images can take a long time. Better yet, ask your friends if they want to see an image before you post it, or post it privately to your friends.


Article VIII

Those who engage in any malicious hacking or stupid cyber tricks that will cause someone else to time out of a room, or attempt to impersonate another citizen, or to cause another person's system to crash while they are in Chatalot™, will incur the wrath of sysadmins near and far. For the safety and sanity of Chatalot™ citizens, we will deal with each case as a serious offense.


Article IX

The enumeration in this document, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.


Article X

The powers not delegated to Chatalot™ by the Constitution of the United Chat Kingdom, nor prohibited by it to the people, are reserved to the people respectively.



We could go on and write a whole book of rights, but feel we would just be stating the obvious. It all really comes down to asking yourself, do you really want to be at a party while being ignored by everyone else...

Also read The ChatAgreement

This service is for entertainment purposes only; do not use Chatalot™ for soliciting of any kind. Talking about something you like is one thing, but a sales pitch is quite another. Again, apply common sense.



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