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A Fantasy Role Playing Site, A Place to Make Your Own



You have arrived in Chatalot - A Fantasy Role Playing Site, and much more...


Literature isn't dead, just evolving.

Come join the change at chatalot.com, where the journey is limited only by your imagination.

Featuring the CustomChat Server software - a unique tool for creating your own private or public chat atmosphere. Join an ongoing RolePlay game, or create your own chat room and StoryLine.

For Your  Information   Extreme Chatting Tip:    How Do Private Messages Work?

When you log in, use a short name without HTML in the grey pop up box, then use HTML in your Handle on the Room entry page. Your HTML must be correct with closing tags included. USE the "TAGLINE" field for extra text - having a Handle with too many characters can cause unpredictable results with Private Messages.
BEWARE: If your Handle is composed with very complex HTML you will have problems with the PM system.
If you believe you are doing things right and still having problems - there is a link to the Bug Report in each room. We really appreciate your help!

Q. Does the Moon have any effect on things on Earth?
A. Sure it does, a big one. The light of a full moon can be very bright, affecting animal's (including people) hunting habits. The full moon has been known to cause people to grab a sleeping bag, bottle of wine, loved one, telescope, drawing pad, or any combination of those items and head outside for a night under the Moon. The tug of the Moon and Sun does affect the oceans, giving us the tides. When the sun and moon are aligned it causes high tide, or spring tide.
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The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7

by Benjamin Melancon

The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7 Cover

Who this book is for?

Anyone who has heard of Drupal and has a personal or professional reason to learn more: from Drupal administrators, themers, and developers to moonlighters and intense hobbyists. People considering a solo or collaborative career making websites will find this book their complete stop for Drupal.

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